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A1 Canadian Payroll Software available online or on your server …

Time Collection

  • Electronic timesheets, Mobile Apps or integrated Time & Attendance

Payroll Entry

  • Hourly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or any pay frequency
  • Standard Earnings: Salary, Commission, Bonuses
  • Benefits either taxable or non taxable

Payment Methods

  • By Cheque hand delivered or regular mail
  • EFT set up with your bank or any Canadian Financial institution to deposit directly to employees account


  • Payroll journals,Ledgers, Registers and Reports included
  • Plus standard & non standard report can be generated in any format inlcuding HTML,PDF,TXT,EXL,CSV,XML or Google Docs
  • T4 Summaries via XML, Union reports, WSIB, ROE Web, EHT over threshold

Installation Setup & Training

  • We set up everything: We Import Employees Historical Data, setup databases
  • We customize the whole process according to your specific requirements
  • We guide you through the process until everything becomes second nature
  • Unlimited support available by phone, Webex, Skype, MSN, live session or any other convenient method
  • Developed, supported and maintained by Computer Support Experts Inc

Human Resources

  • Multiple employees departments and pay rates
  • Rewards & Certificates, Annual Review, Disciplinary Actions, Skills, Benefits & dependents

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